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Area Redevelopment PROJECTS

Pressing redevelopment projects in NE Rancho Penasquitos

Hotel Karlan (Doubletree) - Golf Course & Hotel

The Junipers Project #586670 - Golf Course land was sold to 33North Development (June 2016). In 2018 - Lennar purchased 33North and the Junipers project to redevelop the golf course land. The project has not been approved and is currently going through the review process.

Millennium PQ Project #644431 - The Hotel Karlan land owners (RPK Hotels, LLC, Dinerstein Companies) are planning to redevelop the property into 331-luxury apartments. It is our understanding that the City is processing their application without input from the community as is required to amend the Community Plan.

Pacific Village - Lennar Homes is currently building Pacific Villages, previously the site of Penasquitos Villages apartment homes. This redevelopment is For Sale (market rate) attached and detached single family housing units and an apartment complex located between I-15/SR-56 and Carmel Mtn. Rd. (behind the new Floor & Decor Store).


The PQ-NE Action Group welcomes the owners' desire to improve their property, any zoning or community plan change that increases the number of residential units in the area will:

  • Negatively impact local traffic congestion, safety, access to our community and the freeway, fire and emergency evacuation times.

  • Impact already stressed fire safety, paramedic, police services and their response times.

  • Impact local elementary schools.

Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board (RPPB) regular meeting is the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Rancho Penasquitos Public Library located at 13330 Salmon River Rd. San Diego, CA 92129. 



The Junipers Project #586670 & Millennium PQ Project #644431

2/19/2020 - The Junipers Project draft EIR has been posted & needs your attention!

San Diego City DSD published the Public Notice of draft Environmental Report (EIR) for the Junipers Project No. 586670 and has posted the draft Environmental Impact Report containing 18 documents on the City website at

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU REVIEW AND SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS! Have your concerns been addressed in the report? Do you see any errors or omissions on any issue mitigation they are proposing, ie. public safety, emergency evacuations, additional traffic, infrastructure improvements, mitigating existing emergency exits, inclusion of other PQ development projects (Pacific Villages & Millennium PQ,), etc? With the Carmel Mtn. Ranch Country Club redevelopment project starting their Community Plan Amendment process to redevelop that golf course, have those 1200-1600 additional residential units been included in the mitigation measures as they should be since they will impact our use of Carmel Mtn. Rd., local shopping and I-15 access? Does the EIR satisfactorily address alternative proposals that might better fit the the Junipers project site? These are just a few impacts that might concern you. 

Comments must be received by April 6, 2020 to be included in the final document considered by the decision making authorities (Rancho Peñasquitos Planning Board, Planning Commission & San Diego City Council). Your written comments should be sent to the following address: Sara Osborn, City of San Diego Development Services Center, 1222 First Avenue, MS 501, San Diego, CA 92101 or e-mail your comments
to  with the Junipers / Project No.586670 in the subject line.

2/19/2020 - Channel 10 News interviews PQ-NE Action Group Board Member Junaid Razvi about the impacts to our community with the Junipers Project and Millenium PQ redevelopment of the Hotel Karlen site.


2/18/2020 - 1200-1600 additional units could be built on Carmel Mtn. Ranch Country Club golf course property and the planning process is just getting started for that project. Channel 10 interviewed Troy Daum with Carmel Mtn. United on 2/18/2020.)


1/17/2020 - Channel 10 News interviews PQ Glens community members about their concerns about runaway development in Rancho Penasquitos. New projects will add nearly 1,500 residences in our area—impacting safety, schools, and police and fire departments/personnel. To view video, click here.


1/15/2020 (updated 2/5/2020) - Update on Millenium PQ Project #644431 - concept drawings for the Hotel parcel were found online & quickly removed by design firm but we did capture the plot plan.  Development concept


1/10/2020 - Channel 8 News interviews PQ Glens community members about the closure of the Hotel Karlan and the proposed housing development for that 14 acre site. To view video, click here.


12/31/2019 - Hotel Karlan Closes! Millennium PQ Project #644431 info located on City OpenDSD website -
The project scope: *Actively Managed* Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Permits for an in-fill multi-dwelling unit development that includes detached amenity complex and detached shell building.


6/5/2019 - RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting: We had over 30 neighbors show up in opposition to the Junipers Development at the Planning Board meeting on Wednesday night. The PQ-NE Action Group was passing out red Safety Before Development T-shirts to any neighbors who wanted to visually show that they were in opposition to the Juipers project. We may still have some T-shirt’s available if you’re interested in wearing one at the next Planning Board meeting July 3. Just send us a direct message.

The meeting’s focus was on Safety and Fire Evacuation. Mike Huff from Dudek presented the Juniper’s Project fire evacuation plan, and provided statistics on the amount of vehicles versus time it would take to evacuate the community during a Fire Evacuation. Mike H. stated that the Glens neighborhood will be safer once the Junipers Development is built since their new evacuation plans included an exit route at the north end of Andorra Way with a remote operated gate (instead of the current same exit with bollards), as well as a new fire exit from the Junipers going directly on to Carmel Mountain Road. As many people pointed out to Mr. Huff during the open discussion time, their projections of how long it would take to evacuate our community now as opposed to with the Junipers Project were not accurate. They also did not take into account Rolling Hills Elementary School, all of the extra people now living at Cresta Bella, Penasquitos Lutheran Church Preschool or the new Pacific Villages (601 residences) who will also exit onto Carmel Mountain road during any emergency evacuation, thus creating a bottleneck situation.

Eddie Villavicencio, the Assistant Fire Marshal for the City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department then spoke for about 20 minutes. He stated that the proposed 'exit' at the north end of Andorra was not currently classified as an emergency exit, nor can it be by law. (It is not wide enough.) This “exit” is ONLY to be used as an entry for fire and emergency vehicles during an emergency, it cannot be used as an exit for the community.


5/1/2019 - Lennar presented Circulation / Traffic Plan at RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting. There were approximately 30 neighbors in attendance and very good questions were asked. Lennar is proposing 2 Roundabouts or traffic circles on Penasquitos Drive at Janal Way and at Cuca Street. They are also proposing an ingress (with emergency exit) from Carmel Mtn. Rd. between Penasquitos Drive and the I-15 off ramp via a new and separate (from existing) right turn lane. Their next presentation is supposed to be on Fire Safety and emergency exit from the community in case of wildfire. Check the Connect the Glens website for their presentation materials.


3/28/2019 - Public Park General Development Plan workshop - Lennar in conjunction with San Diego Parks Department will conduct multiple workshops to develop the General Development Plan for the Neighborhood Park to be located where the tennis courts are currently. The City requires this public process to take place even after many of us participated in multiple park/open space workshops in summer/fall of 2017. The first meeting is scheduled for March 28th at the Hotel Karlan at 7:00pm. more info & additional dates


3/6/2019 - Lennar gave project updates at the RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting. They covered details about project's design/architecture and reviewed the parks/open space presentation from the February meeting.


2/6/2019 - Lennar gave an update on the project's parks and open space at RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting. They also noted that they would give 3 additional presentations covering design/architecture, circulation and fire/evacuation at the next 3 Land Use Committee meetings.


10/12/18 - Lennar purchases the Junipers project from 33North as noted in a Dear Neighbor letter that many of us have received. Read more... 

Note: There will be an Open House to meet the builder, Lennar, on October 26, 2018 at the Hotel Karlan in the Rancho Santa Fe Room from 4:00pm - 8:00pm.


5/10/18 - Deadline to submit public comments to the City for the preparation of the Draft EIR.


4/18/18 - The PQ-NE Action held a neighborhood meeting as scheduled at Rolling Hills Elementary. We reviewed the results of our recent survey and discussed a plan to fight proposed UNSAFE DEVELOPMENT of one of our few remaining OPEN SPACES! Flyer


4/18/18 - The City held its Scoping Meeting for the Junipers Project.
The Notice can be found at #586670 NOP EIR Date 4-10-18.pdf. It will give you information about what environmental issues the City of San Diego is reviewing and that will be included in the Junipers Project Environmental document.

If you have concerns about these and other environmental impacts/issues please attend the Scoping Meeting, fill out a speaker slip and tell Development Services Dept. staff your concerns.  If you cannot attend, the letter states other ways you can submit your concerns. They have also provided a form for you to use for your comments. NOTE: All comments must be submitted to the City during the Public comment period which ends May 10, 2018.


4/4/2018 - 33North Development Group gave an update during RPPB's Land Use Committee Meeting.  More of our neighbors attended the meeting and many voiced their concerns about the project during the regular meeting's Open Forum/Comment period. Key take-away: The number of residential units has increased. 33North has reduced the number of on single family attached and detached homes from 476 to 455 and added an 81 unit apartment building for a new total of 536. 

33North sent out a project update letter to the neighborhood which we have scanned for you to read, click here.


2/1/2018 Watch PQ Glens resident Joe Pierzina's interview with CBS news about the proposed development in our neighborhood. We asked Joe for a comment and here's his response: "I really wished the CBS News 8 report had spent some time covering the serious fire safety issues I explained to them during the interview. My concerns are not just about the loss of open space but how development here will greatly endanger hundreds of people in the neighborhood when it comes to a wild fire evacuation or other types of emergencies. Safety before Development should be a priority before anyone builds on this open space!"  Local golf courses prime properties for housing redevelopment,


1/10/21018 - Notice of Application for the Junipers Project was distributed by San Diego City Development Services Dept. If you want to receive future notices on this project, contact Morris Dye with the city of San Diego whose contact info is located on the Notice. The application has been deemed complete by the City and review of the proposed project will begin.

For those of you who did not receive this notice, the attached is a notification by the City of San Diego for the application filed by 33 North for a Rancho Penasquitos Community Plan change. It includes a request to change the zoning which could allow up to approximately 1500 units to be built on the 100+ acre site. Our concern is that 33 North previously told the community that they planned to zone the golf course the same as the surrounding community but their application states otherwise. 33 North has also told City Officials that the community is behind the Junipers development when our online petition points to clear opposition to this development by many in our community.


Click on image to view notice.

9/26/2017 - Sign PQ-NE Action Group's SAFETY BEFORE DEVELOPMENT Petition - We, the undersigned, are opposed to the development of the former Doubletree Golf Course/Designated Open Space that reduces the public health and safety in the surrounding community, and contributes to what are already unsafe conditions. The adjacent community in northeast Rancho Penasquitos (also known as The Glens) of 1,500 + living units and an elementary school is surrounded by Black Mountain Open Space Park which includes landmark hillsides characterized by rugged terrain of highly flammable indigenous vegetation which has been designated by the city of San Diego as a “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone." This area has a history of recent fires that have led to mandatory whole-community evacuations – three (3) in recent memory. The community is uniquely and minimally served by Penasquitos Drive, a single lane out of the neighborhood to evacuate all 1,214+ homes, 224 apartment units, 64 townhomes and the students and staff of Rolling Hills Elementary School, and one lane in for emergency responders/Fire Trucks and school buses needed to evacuate the school in the event of another wildland fire or similar emergency. The addition of the proposed 500+ homes, directly into the evacuation queue, would significantly reduce the performance of the only emergency evacuation route. Adding 500+ homes into a single route serving 1,500+ living units will greatly endanger the existing residents in the community and the students and staff at the elementary school. Please sign our petition and comment.


If you would like to sign a paper copy of the petition and/or gather additional signatures from your family, neighbors and friends, please download a copy here. Signed petitions should be returned to PQ-NE Action Group as soon as possible - please email to make arrangements.



9/13/2017 - Park Charrette was held with approximately 50 attendees.  The attendees were asked to put green dots on their top 6 park amenities from the list provided before the charrette began. After a quick review of the list rankings there was a brief discussion about parks in general, a quick description of the future amenities at Rolling Hills Park with the renovation, and types of potential activities and uses of the space. Then each of the 7 tables was provided a large drawing of an empty tentative park area where the tennis courts are currently located and asked to place or list amenities that our table would like to see in the park and name the park. Most of the groups increased the park size with 2 tables recommending that all 114 acres be used for the park. 33North reps could not or would not say specifically how large the park area might be. The size and shape were the same as 33North presented at their open house, located on page 12 of the OpenHouse materials. 33North will be posting a review of this charrette on their website.


8/28/2017 - 33North Development held their 1st in a series of charrettes or focus groups to gather input on Community Character. Participants rated an assortment of photos representing aesthetic element categories: architectural style, landscaping, slopes and fencing, streetscape and monumentation. They have a review of the charrette on their website which is relatively accurate. They neglect to share that the majority of the attending community members said they are not in favor of developing the land after one of the attendees asked the question.

Multiple attendees attempted to ask general questions about the redevelopment and representatives pushed back saying they would document the questions and then answer them after the charrette. Most of the attendees left right afterwards and did not get to hear the responses or comments made by the attendees who stayed.


6/8/2017 - 33North Development Group received approval to Initiate a Community Plan Amendment from the Planning Commission on June 8, 2017. This begins the evaluation of revising the Community Plan and the impacts of their proposed project concept.

Staff Report to Planning Commission for June 8, 2017 meeting -

Video of Planning Commission Meeting 6/8/2017 Note: the Junipers CPAI agenda item begins at 134:40


6/6/2017 - 33 North Development Group is seeking to initiate a Community Plan Amendment THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017 at 9am with the City Planning Commission.

PQ-NE is urging our neighbors to attend the request for initiation of a community plan amendment with the San Diego City Council Planning Commission and speak out during the public comment period of the meeting.




202 “C” STREET SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

Meeting begins at 9:00am and this item is 2nd on the agenda. Residents may fill out speaker slips and speak in favor or in opposition to Initiation of the Community Plan Amendment.


5/3/2017 - 33North received approval on May 3, 2017 from the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board to Initiate a Community Plan Amendment; vote was 11 in favor - 4 opposed. Next step - to go before the San Diego Planning Commission requesting approval of the Initiation. That will allow the City to begin evaluating environmental impacts that would be caused by developing the golf course for the alternative use proposed by 33North. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on the Planning Commission's agendas at for the Initiation. Commission meetings are public meetings and the public is encouraged to attend and speak. There are speaker slips that you will need to fill out to voice your opinion on the proposed Initiation to Amend the Rancho Penasquitos Community Plan. Click here for a quick summary on Community Plan Amendment Initiations.


4/5/2017 - 33North Development has asked to be on the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board's Land Use Committee (LUC) Meeting agenda on April 5th at 6:30pm in the Del Mar Room (Sandpiper). Per the Comittee Chair, they will be presenting the materials they shared at the Open House on March 15th. The community will have a chance to ask questions and voice their opinion on 33North's vision for the golf course property.



33 North hosted an open house at the Hotel Karlan on March 15th to unveil their preliminary plans for the former Double Tree golf course property. Although not much detail was provided, their vision centered around a 55+ age qualified community of up to 570 single and two-story homes. PQ-NE ACTION GROUP IS FIRMLY OPPOSED TO THIS PLAN.

View the plans:

The draft proposal provided only one way out of the development; all traffic would be dumped on to Penasquitos Drive at Janal Way via a traffic light from the development on a new road that would replace the current tennis courts. In addition, 33 North is proposing access into this new community from a new road that would be constructed between the 15 freeway off-ramp and Penasquitos Drive directly off Carmel Mountain Road.

This plan could have a devastating effect on our community and we have serious concerns regarding public safety. Remember the traffic jams during the evacuation of the 2007 Witch Fire? Now consider an emergency scenario with an additional 570 households from this development, an additional 300 households (for a total of 600 households) from the new Villages development proposal, and the additional units at Cresta Bella all trying to leave the neighborhood at the same time! It would also have a dramatic effect on your daily commute. The currently proposed two projects for North Penasquitos would increase the total number of privately owned homes/townhomes in the North Penasquitos by approximately 57%!


-Make a public comment! The RP Planning Board meets at 7:30pm April 5, just fill out a speaker card at the start of the meeting and voice your concerns.

- Contact your City Council person Mark Kersey: (619) 236-6655

- Make a tax-deductible donation NOW to help cover any potential legal costs that could be incurred in order to fight a developer with deep pockets:

- Purchase a yard sign for $50 to show your support.


3/15/2017 - COMMUNITY OPEN HOUSE hosted by 33North Development

4:00pm - 8:00pm at Hotel Karlan (Doubletree) 14455 Penasquitos Drive San Diego, CA 92129

Printable Letter sent to neighbors by 33 North Development.

33 North Development says their preliminary conceptual vision is for a new age-qualified (55+) residential neighborhood of primarily single-story homes that incorporates community benefits for the entire Glens neighborhood.


10/4/2016 - THANK YOU ~ The PQ-NE Action Group would like to thank the community for attending our presentation on 9/28/16. We had over 150 neighbors in attendance to learn about the mission of PQ-NE and the history of our Community Plan. We appreciate the thoughtful questions and comments about what can be done to ensure that no new amendments are approved for our Community Plan which would allow development of our open space. Special thanks to the current Rancho Penasquitos Planning board members Jeanine Politte and Jon Becker as well as past board member Joost Bende for taking the time to answer the questions about the RP planning board and the impact of redevelopment on our community.


Please mark your calendars to attend the next RP Planning Board meeting October 5 and voice your concerns during the public comments section.

If you are considering representing our community on the RP Planning board for the District 1 seat, the election requirement is documented attendance at three meetings prior to the conclusion of the February 2017 meeting.



The PQ-NE Action Group will make a presentation to the Community to educate everyone on the history of our Community Plan. The Golf Course property is deemed designated OPEN SPACE in our Community Plan and we want to KEEP IT THAT WAY!

We will develop an ACTION PLAN with the Community to FIGHT the new GOLF COURSE OWNERS (33North Development Group) and make sure there are NO APPROVED AMENDMENTS to OUR Community Plan to allow development of OUR OPEN SPACE!

Yard signs will be available for purchase for $30 at this meeting! Buy a sign and let your Neighbors know what is happening! We all need to work together to defeat the 3rd owner of this property who has wanted to build homes on OUR OPEN SPACE! We have won TWICE and can do it AGAIN as a COMMUNITY!


8/1/2016 - New Homes Are Planned After $14.5M Purchase of Former Golf Course (article posted on SDBJ website 7/29/2016) More info about the new owner of the golf course property and their plans to redevelop the land. If the title has indeed transferred to the new owner, it will show up on the County tax records. Here we go again.... Remember, the owner has to initiate a Community Plan amendment, which the planning board can deny. Community Plan amendment initiation process and criteria. 


7/6/2016 - Doubletree Resort Owners have engaged a new development partner, but no project has been presented as of July 6, 2016 RPPB Meeting.

At the May 4, 2016 Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board meeting it was announced that Laurus Corp (owners of the golf course) have a new development partner: 33 North Development Group, LLC. Board members John Becker and Thom Clark revealed that they had met privately with 33 North Development in which the development company was looking to the planning board members to give them insight into the best way to approach the board and the community with any new plans. The board members suggested that the developer work through the Land Use Subcommittee.

If Laurus Corp wants to develop the land they will be required to initiate an amendment to the PQ Community Plan which would need to be approved by the PQ Planning Board in order to begin the review process of any proposed redevelopment of the golf course. The PQ Community Plan recommends that the golf course be PRESERVED as a unifying open space element and buffer from the freeway.


5/11/2015 - Doubletree Resort Golf Course closed the end of March 2015.

Over the past few weeks, fencing has gone up around the golf course. If you believe the fencing is on your property, you can call the Hotel and ask to speak with management or contact the Laurus Corp, or file a complaint with Code Enforcement via the City website.

It was reported at the RPPB meeting on May 6th, that the Laurus Corporation has been in discussions with Shopoff Realty Investments about developing the golf course.


2/9/2015 - Doubletree Resort Golf Course WILL CLOSE FOR GOOD at the close of business on March 31, 2015

The Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board sent out an email today containing a Dear Neighbor letter and a fact sheet sent by the Laurus Corporation outlining their plans to close the Doubletree golf course on March 31, 2015.  Letter     Fact Sheet


12/15/2014 - Doubletree may be closing the Golf Course by March 31st.

The following was reported at the most recent RPPB meeting on 12/3/2014: Laurus Corp representatives informed the Chair and Vice-Chair of RPPB that they will not participate in the Ad-Hoc Committee meetings until the golf course is closed which could happen before March 31st. Without their participation, the ad-hoc committee meetings have been canceled indefinitely and may take on a different look if and when the ownership decides to engage RPPB and the community in the future.

As of 12/11/2014, resort staff confirmed the last scheduled golf tournament is on January 19th. It has also been mentioned that the course may change their schedule to offer only Thursday - Sunday tee times until the course is closed.

There has been no direct communication with the community, the golf course's neighbors, who will be impacted by this new information.

We've also prepared a sample letter that you can use and/or modify with your concerns and send/email to our City Council members Mark Kersey and Chris Cate who represent Rancho Penasquitos. Feel free to send to the Mayor and other Council Representatives also.

Please share this with your neighbors and friends.

Sample Letter (Word format)  Outlook Email message in zip file

If you would like a copy of the letter in another format, please email us and let us know.

10/16/2014 - At the 9/16/14 ad-hoc committee meeting, Damon Gascon with the Lewis Operating Corporation mentioned an HBO Sports program with Bryant Gumbel on a declining golf industry. So, here are a couple of golf industry related links you might want to take a look at:

Has Golf's demise been greatly exaggerated? By Mike Stachura, Golf Digest, 7/30/2014 (pdf version)

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Web Clip - The Downturn in the Golf Industry (HBO Sports) 7/18/2014

City of San Diego Park and Recreation is making a profit operating 3 municipal golf courses. Check out their website for the more info and then go over to the Municipal Golf Committee page & check out the Committee's reports near the bottom.


6/26/2014 - Doubletree Update Presentation at RPPB on 6/25/2014

Last night Ms. Maureen Cohen from the Laurus Corporation (owners of the Doubletree) made a presentation to the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board at 6pm at the Land Use Committee and at 7:30pm to the full Board meeting. Ms. Cohen started out by telling us that they are going to remodel/update the hotel and showed us sketches and color boards for the various areas of the hotel including Mulligan’s, the restaurant, front lobby, guest rooms etc. The remodel will include landscaping and both pools will be refinished and will have new furniture. Left out of the remodel is the Fitness Center and the tennis courts. She said that they are still looking at those areas. She stated that all supplies/finishes/furniture have been ordered and the remodel will start in September 2014 and take 4 – 5 months. She then informed us that the golf course will be shut down in 9 – 12 months. They told us that it is losing $500,000 a year and it would take nearly $5 million to “fix” what is wrong with it. They also stated that this golf course is only 112 acres and most new golf courses today are around 140 acres and that even if they “fixed” the golf course the market for golfing is declining in the U.S. and they don’t believe that they can make a profit on the golf course and pro shop.

Ms. Cohen then introduced Mr. Damon Gascon from Lewis Operating Corp. whom they have hired to look into how best to repurpose/develop the golf course land. They want to create a sub-committee (within the PQ Planning Board) which would include PQ Planning Board members and members of the community to discuss potential options for redeveloping the golf course. A sign up sheet was sent around to those attending the 7:30pm meeting to sign up for the committee. Mr. Gascon was asked if their plan was to put houses on the golf course land and both he and Ms. Maureen Cohen stated that there are no definite plans, but that is an option and that they want what will benefit both the community and the Hotel. Considering that the Lewis Operating Corp’s main business is to develop Planned Communities, Apartment Complexes and Retail developments, it is likely that home/mixed use facilities are desired (see description of the company below). They assured us that they know about the previous owner’s attempts to redevelop the golf course and that they are not going to make the same mistakes that they made and that they will listen to what the community wants.

The PQ-NE Action Group Board members and other neighbors were at the 6pm Land Use meeting as well as the 7:30pm full RPPB meeting last night. Many people spoke about the issues in developing the golf course as it is a designated open space in our community plan which was last updated in 1993. Many people spoke and let them know that they don’t want the land developed and don’t want the golf course closed. Concern was expressed on how they are going to maintain the golf course after it closed, etc. and we were told that there would be a detailed “wind-down” plan for the closure that they will share at a later date. They want to put a committee together over the next 2 months and meet to discuss what may be beneficial in the development of the land to the community and the owners. If you would like to be part of that committee please e-mail Jeanine Politte (Doubletree Subcommittee Chair for RPPB) at (1/1/2016 - Committee has been disbanded when the development team decided to discontinue their participation.)

The Doubletree owner & Lewis Operating Corp. will have to develop a plan for the property and go to the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board and ask for a community plan amendment to develop on the golf course. It will probably take at least 1 year before they could develop a plan to start those discussions. The Planning Board meetings are on the 1st Wednesday every month at 7:30pm at the Doubletree except July and August when they take a vacation. For timely future updates please e-mail  and ask to be added to the RPPB e-mail list and to the PQ-NE Action Group e-mail list. You can add yourself to the PQ-NE Action Group's email list at or like our Facebook page at

The Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board is dark (no meetings) for July and August so we expect the Laurus Corporation and Lewis Operating Corp. to come back to the board when they meet in September. Please read all Agenda’s for the monthly RPPB meetings and attend as many meetings as you can to give input.

Laurus Corporation is a private real estate investment and development firm established in 1999 to acquire and reposition real estate assets. Its cycle-tested professionals have over $3 billion in real estate transaction and development service experience with a primary focus on the acquisition of fee-simple hospitality, office, retail, and multifamily / residential, properties. These properties are expected to have positive fundamentals in compelling locations. Laurus’ experience and expertise is in complex distressed debt (NPN), sub-performing and bank owned assets (REO) mitigation, acquisition and management.

Lewis Operating Corp., a real estate development company, engages in the acquisition, ownership, development, and management of residential and commercial real estate projects. It develops mixed-use planned communities and residential apartments; and builds and owns rental communities, shopping centers, office parks, and industrial buildings in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. The company also provides residential land development services for homebuilders. Its projects include homes and apartments; and retail, office, and industrial buildings. The company was founded in 1955 and is based in Upland, California with regional offices in Sacramento, California; and Las Vegas and Reno, Nev.


6/20/2014 - Doubletree Resort to make presentations at RPPB Meetings on 6/25/14

The Doubletree's owner, The Laurus Corporation, will be making a presentation at the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board meetings, both the Land Use Committee at 6:00pm and Regular Meeting at 7:30pm on June 25, 2014. The meetings will be held at the Doubletree in the El Dorado Room (14455 Penasquitos Drive, San Diego 92129).

It is our understanding that they will give an update (Information Only) on their plans for the Hotel and Golf Course. We do not have any specifics on their presentation, but we hope that many of our neighbors will be able to attend either or both of the meetings. Their presentation should be very similar at both meetings. Agenda


5/14/2013 - Brief explanation of how this project should move through review process - The owner/developer would need to initiate a Community Plan amendment to change the use or designation of their property. They would need to apply for a Site Development permit and present plans to be reviewed by City Staff who will determine what environmental reports/studies will be required. This process can have multiple cycles of review. During this time, RPPB will have opportunities to review the plans, DSD cycle reports, and the applicant will make presentations to the local community via RPPB meetings. This is a long process and it will provide many opportunities for community input at the local planning board level. RPPB will provide a recommendation on the project as an advisory body to City Council. The project and plan amendment would also need approval by the Planning Commission and City Council, giving us additional opportunity to have our voices heard if it moves forward.

Criteria that must be met to initiate a community plan amendment and the initiation process.


5/3/2013 - News Update on Doubletree, NBC Channel 7 News Report

On Friday, May 3rd, the Action Group received a call from Artie Ojeda, Channel 7 News, about the Doubletree and asking for our comments. The CEO of the Laurus Corp. told him that their ideal plan is to repurpose the golf course with 400 residential units, parks & trails. Pam Logemann agreed to an on camera interview. Here is a link to the video report from Channel 7 if you missed it. On-Air video - Doubletree

PQ-NE Action Group board wants to represent all our neighbors regarding this new land development plan in OUR neighborhood. Please like the
PQ- NE Action Group's Facebook Page to share your feelings.


4/4/2013 - Brief update regarding the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board Land Use Committee Meeting last night where Doubletree's Owners spoke.

The CEO of the Laurus Corporation came to introduce himself and his manger and to talk about "re-purposing the resort" especially the golf course which is losing $500,000 a year. He reported that they are finalizing financing of the resort $10M renovations for the lobby, rooms, landscape and sports facility. It was asked if they would update the tennis courts and he said no. They will not invest in the golf course either as that is losing money. They didn't present a plan on what they are planning and said they just wanted to introduce the fact that they are looking at several options for the property. This was met with caution notices from Board Members Joost Bende and Jeanine Politte as they advised them to review all the information they could get from the 2007 plans that the previous owner tried to do with the golf course (build 200 homes) and the community's response. The Planning Board members all asked them very good questions and then the floor was open for the community. Approximately 5 people asked questions of the CEO at that time.

The Community Plan calls for the golf course to be community open space so if they wanted to do something else with the property they would have to ask our Planning Board to approve an amendment to develop that property. Then they would go downtown to the Planning Commission to start the process. It is a long process but we must stay vigilant and make sure we are attending all Planning Board meetings where they will present information. It is up to us to voice our opinions, concern, etc. to their plans before they go down to the city.

* Reported by Pam Logemann on our Facebook page


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NEW Ownership Details - Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Company's subsidiary Cornerstone Real Estate Advisors have sold the Doubletree Golf Resort. The new owner is SD Golf Resort Partners LLC a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Laurus Corp. The Hilton/Doubletree will continue to run the operation for them. More info on the sale. 2011

We will keep you informed of any proposed upgrades or use changes proposed for this property.


Updated 1/19/10 - Doubletree management have notified us and the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board of plans to remodel the hotel  and update the amenities of the property at a cost of approximately $2 Million.

Renovation Press Release

Renovation Flyer - examples of upgrades

Update posted 6/7/07 - Great turn out by the local community, we estimate almost 300 of our neighbors attended the RPPB meeting last night to view the plans to redevelop the Doubletree Golf Resort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the proposed plans. If you were unable to attend, we will post links to local news articles about the meeting on our Media Center page and additional information will be posted on this website as it becomes available. To stay informed, join our email update list and join us at our Picnic on June 16th. We need to stay vigilant and keep fighting to maintain our PQ as it is in the Plan - that takes PASSION as noted by a life-long PQ resident.

Update posted 5/7/07 - Doubletree (Cornerstone) is planning to present their plan to redevelop the golf course into 200 homes at the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board Meeting (RPPB) on June 6, 2007 at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at the Doubletree Golf Resort in the Ballroom, located at 14455 Penasquitos Drive.

This will be your opportunity to view their plans and ask questions before they decide whether to move forward. 

Update posted 2/4/07 - Doubletree (Cornerstone) is still pushing its idea to build a couple hundred homes on the golf course; asking to meet with community residents in January 2007 to show same plan ideas that they presented in September 2006. When they come back and initiate a community plan change they state the plan will be very different from the one shown in these informal meetings.

Update posted 10/29/06 - Between the September 6th & October 4th RPPB meetings, the Doubletree Reps met again unofficially with our local planning board members showing the plans that were shown the community in early September. They were told the plans/ideas would not fly.

Cornerstone's reps met with numerous community residents after Labor Day 2006 and again in early 2007. Their plans were to replace the resort and golf course with a few hundred homes, a boutique hotel, a community center with an Olympic sized pool, tennis courts, fitness center & meeting rooms and a commercial center.

The Doubletree has NOT requested to initiate a change amendment to the Community Plan as of yet.


Doubletree Golf Resort Map before golf course was shut down


Pacific Village (Lennar Project)

Project is currently under construction.


3/4/2018 - Pacific Village Project (Project No. 470158) is scheduled for a vote to approve by City Council on March 5, 2018. Meeting begins at 2:00pm at City Council Chambers. Agenda can be found at


8/5/2017 - Pacific Village received approval from RPPB for their proposed project with conditions.  Next step - Lennar goes before the Planning Commission for approval.


5/8/2017 - The City has distributed the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for Pacific Village, Project No. 470158. As of tonight, this document, dated May 10, 2017, is not available on the City website but there is a Notice with supporting exhibits available dated April 7, 2017. Click here to search and review all exhibits. Comments must be received by May 31, 2017 per the notice.


3/23/2017 - On November 2, 2016 Pacific Villages' development team gave a presentation during RPPB's Land Use Committee Meeting.  Here is a quick rundown of project changes they mentioned.

They have decided to include 28 income restricted apartments (10% Affordable) instead of paying the in-lieu of fee. Total of 277 apartment units. Apartment buildings will be the EUrban 3-story product design. They have changed the on-site parking to include a two level parking structure with 226 spaces but they are 28 parking spaces short of required number of spaces per City development requirements (this is a deviation). Currently, Penasquitos Villages is 332 apartment units. The for sale products listed below are the same. The proposed redevelopment is 601 total units. The initial traffic study for the project increases Average Daily Trips (ADTs) by 1,800 trips per day on Carmel Mtn. Rd. They hope to go to Planning Commission and City Council for approval in 2017. There is a sound wall proposed along I-15. It was noted that they plan to build a sound wall/barrier along I-15 but noted there will also be another Caltrans wall creating a gap for maintenance access. There is no access to the shopping center planned except via the sidewalk along Carmel Mtn. Rd.

7/6/2016 - Lennar Homes & Atlantic Pacific Presentation at RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting

Representatives presented the site plan and architectural renderings of the proposed project. They noted the project is in the 2nd cycle review with City staff.

Applicant representatives reviewed the housing types planned which have not changed since the original presentation (noted below in post dated 2/3/2016). They provided estimated pricing for the for-sale units based on current market; range of $400k-500k for attached for-sale units and $600k-$700k for single family detached units. A representative suggested that the apartment rates may be lower than or similar to Cresta Bella.

They are asking for a height deviation for the townhomes product and the 3 story apartment product which will be closest to I-15. These exceed the 30 foot height limit by 6 feet, but it was noted that due to the stepped down nature of the property and lower profile roof designs, those heights will be less noticeable from Carmel Mtn. Rd. and surrounding neighborhoods. They reported that City staff are supporting the deviation.

They have completed a traffic study which will be submitted to the City for review, but there were no additional impacts to Carmel Mtn. Rd. or surrounding streets that would require mitigation. The project added only 1,600 new ADTs per day. Carmel Mtn. Rd. is a 4-lane major roadway with capacity for 40,000 ADTs per day and current levels are 13,000-14,000 ADTs per day. 

Interior roads were designed to allow access to all portions of the redevelopment, providing walk-ability and connectivity to all areas of the project. Entrances planned will give residents a choice for ingress/egress at either of 2 intersections with traffic lights or 2 entrances that will be right-in/right-out. This proposal adds a traffic light at Gerana St. and Carmel Mtn. Rd. Additionally, the interior streets have been designed so there are no lengthy straight-a-ways to limit speeding within the development. Benches will be placed along the interior sidewalks and paseo loop for people to stop, rest and enjoy the area through the development. It was noted that access to the commercial shopping area north of the apartments will be via the Carmel Mtn. Rd. sidewalks due to safety concerns with grade change between properties and semi-trucks backing up to loading dock of grocery store building.

Amenities include a rec center/spa like facilities for the for-sale portion operated by an HOA and another rec center/spa facility for the apartment homes. Tot lots  and dog runs/parks will be located in both areas.

They are looking at keeping the healthy mature Carmel Mtn. Rd. street trees, but city staff is recommending they be removed. Keeping the healthy trees along Carmel Mtn. Rd. keeps consistency on both sides of the roadway.

City staff will examine water/sewer capacity for the development along with long-range water need & availability forecasts for the next 20-30 years as it relates to housing need forecasts.

PUSD has informed the applicant that the district has capacity for potential new students.

The project proposes to pay the in-lieu of fee (approx. $8million) to the City instead of providing affordable housing in the project. It was noted that the City can build more units in affordable only complexes by leveraging economies of scale and special financing available to them and the agencies they contract with. Additionally, those in-lieu of funds might not be be used to build in Rancho Penasquitos. The PQ Community Plan recommends preservation of this property for low and moderate income housing. Representatives said they will consider including affordable housing in the project. 

The development's public spaces would be required to be ADA compliant and 10% of the multi-family units would  be required to be ADA compliant.

This project will be going through additional review by City staff and will be coming back to RPPB to present updates on the project at future planning board meetings. Applicant tentatively plans to begin grading in early 2018 if the project is approved by the City. Note: The planning board's charge is reviewing the proposed project based on specific Community Plan and Land Planning Guidelines.

Residents who want to receive updates from the City Project Mgr. Firouzeh Tirandazi with Development Services Dept., contact via phone (619) 446-5325 or email You can request to receive copies of documents (public notices, cycle letters and issues reports) for PROJECT NUMBER: 470158 PROJECT NAME: PACIFIC VILLAGE. Note that proprietary documents such as design plans may only be viewed in person either at a planning board meeting presentation or by going down to the City Development Services Dept.


Key documents that have been distributed about this project in the last few months:

San Diego PN1300 PTS 470158 Revised Notice of Application (3/18/16)

PQ Village Notice to residents about the project, tentative dates (4/1/2016)

San Diego Housing Commission Letter to PQ Village voucher holders (6/27/2016)


2/3/2016 - Lennar Homes Presentation at RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting

Lennar's representatives reported that they have submitted their project application to the City on  2/3/16. Their proposed project is a redevelopment of the 41 acre rental complex (currently 332 units) with the following residential units.

For Sale Homes ($500,000-$600,000+):

  • 99 Detached Homes with 4 bedrooms (1,787 to 2,025 sq. ft.)

  • 105 Triplex Homes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms (1,324 to 1,898 sq. ft.)

  • 120 Townhomes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms (1,491 to 2,034 sq. ft.)

For Rent, Market Rate Apartments:

  • 240 Apartment Homes with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms

The property is zoned for 10-22 units per acre and the project is 13 units per acre, well within the allowed density.

The for sale homes are planned as 2 stories with direct access garages and guest parking throughout the community. There will be HOA maintained recreation facilities with additional open spaces. There are 3 entrances planned off Carmel Mtn. Rd.; 2 will be signalized (Cuca St. and one other).  

The apartment homes will be 2-3 stories with separate recreation facilities and a private entrance off Carmel Mtn. Rd. There are 2 building types proposed. 10-plex 2 story buildings with direct access private garages and 3-story buildings featuring internal corridors that wrap around a central courtyard.  

As they move through the environmental, permitting and approval process, they will make multiple presentations at RPPB.


6/3/2015 - Lennar Homes Presentation at RPPB Land Use Committee Meeting

The Cohen family/Atlantic Pacific Properties owns this land along with Cresta Bella and the apartments by Rolling Hills Elementary School. They are planning to redevelop this land. Those homes used to be HUD housing. 

Development Planned: Atlantic Pacific has entered into a partnership with Lennar to develop this property. We were shown drawings of 4 distinct proposed developments and different housing types. 3 of the 4 housing types are For Sale (market rate), the property closest to the QT Nails and the Atlantic Pacific management office will be built directly by Atlantic Pacific Properties as a proposed 3 story apartment complex on 12 acres (240 rental units). The other 3 neighborhoods on the 41 acres are proposed as:

1. 2-story cluster homes which are in an area closest to Cuca St. x Carmel Mtn. Rd. intersection and Los Penasquitos Elementary School.
2. 2-story triplexes
3. 3-story townhomes (they called them row homes)

There are NO low income or affordable housing in the top 3 developments that are For Sale. They are ALL FOR SALE. Lennar didn’t know if Atlantic Pacific will offer low income or affordable units in their proposed 3 story apartments.

Current Community Plan: Currently there are 332 housing units on this property and it is zoned RM-1-1 in 1975 for 15 units per acre. There are some discrepancies in our Community Plan about medium density or medium-high density for this property. The Villages map shows a different density than the full community map. Per the City’s zoning map, the parcel allows for approx. 15 units per acre (approx. 3,000 sf per unit or 590 units). It also could be that the lots would be 3,000 sf. The plan is to build a total of 570 units on this property (330 units for sale and 240 apts). Also, it is not in our community plan for 50 ft. 3 story units. Suggested maximum is 30 feet.

It is very possible they will need to amend the Community Plan to modify the community housing variety for the Villages. 3 story height could also be an issue per the community plan. If Lennar & the Cohen’s proposed changes are within the Community Plan & zoning guidelines, they could ask for their permits under substantial conformance review as they did for Cresta Bella which sidesteps approval from RPPB. It was also mentioned that the Community Plan planned density miscue could be handled by a vote from City Council to approve a technical amendment to the plan for error correction only.

The Technical Issue, per the Community Plan – The Villages map shows the parcel as Medium Density with a note “To preserve for Low and Moderate Income”. The Community Map shows the parcel as Low Medium Density. Ultimately, the Zoning Map should hold as the underlying base zone of RM-1-1.

Medium Density. (10 through 22 dwelling units per developable acre). This category includes multifamily attached development in low-rise form (primarily one to two stories). This includes some types of fourplex development and most forms of apartments. In general, this density range encompasses the City’s R-3000 and R-2000 Zones. The Plan recommends Planned Residential Development for these areas. Building heights should be limited to 30 feet in these areas.

Low-Medium Density. (5 through 10 dwelling units per developable acre). This category is characterized by single- or multifamily attached development in low-rise form. This includes single-family, townhome, duplex and similar types of developments. In general, this density encompasses the City’s R-1-5000 zone.

It's unknown if their plan would also need RPPB’s approval. We’ll know more once they begin discussions with the Planning Dept.

Time Frame: NOW – in a few weeks they are going down to the City for a Preliminary Review and discuss the density issue. If everything goes well, they hope to break ground in 18 months.

On the discussion of public transit, it was noted that there are 4 bus stops on site or near PQ Dr x Carmel Mtn. Rd. There were concerns with right-in/right-out entrances along Carmel Mtn. Rd. Initial discussion with board members suggested that they provide a north-south road through to development which would come out at Cuca where there is already a 4 way stop light. Additionally, is there concern for the loss of affordable housing if the apts don’t include any. Alternatively, if they provide affordable units in the apts, they will be allowed additional units per the City’s Density Bonus program.
Sound barriers will probably be needed along I-15 & SR-56 ramp for the single family homes; Lennar is looking into.

*This summary of the discussion and the issues mentioned at the meeting was collated by multiple meeting attendees.






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7:30pm Regular Board Mtg.

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