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New Homes Are Planned After $14.5M Purchase of Former Golf Course By Lou Hirsh, San Diego Business Journal 7/29/2016

Proposed Highend Housing May Displace Renters By Phillip Molnar, SDUT 6/18/16 (pdf version)

Has Golf's demise been greatly exaggerated? By Mike Stachura, Golf Digest, 7/30/2014 (pdf version)

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Web Clip - The Downturn in the Golf Industry (HBO Sports) 7/18/2014

County fire agencies spend less per resident than SoCal counterparts By Kristina Davis, San Diego Union Tribune 9/1/10.

$44 million project starts Welcome sounds of construction ring in Rancho Penasquitos By Roger Showley, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, 10/2/09.

The Death of Leisure Life Apartments  by Scarlet Rosenblum, San Diego Weekly Reader, 2/7/09

Council approves density ordinance despite criticism, by Lori Weisberg, San Diego Union-Tribune 11/18/07

Hotel owners grapple with plans for Doubletree property, Corridor News 9/5/07.

Brush Fire; Letter to the Editor, Corridor News 7/19/07

Residents give thumbs down to Doubletree's redevelopment plan, By Jose Lopez, Corridor News, 7/7/07.

Board considers plans for hotel site: Houses, new hotel and shops proposed, By David E. Graham, San Diego Union-Tribune 6/7/07.

Doubletree's plans center around development; hundreds of homes, a hotel, open space proposed to replace golf course, By Andrea Moss, North County Times 6/7/07.

Doubletree owners to unveil plans in June, By Jose A. Lopez, Pomerado News Group, 5/9/07.

Activists see no bonus in greater housing density, By Lori Weisberg, Staff Writer San Diego Union-Tribune, 3/17/07.

DoubleTree Project Sparks Interest in Local Elections; by José ? Lopez, Pomerado News Group, 3/14/07.

San Diego Density ordinance brings out critics, City seeks to boost affordable housing; by Lori Weisberg San Diego Union Tribune, 2/27/07.

A high price for affordable housing; By Lori Salda�/27/07 San Diego UnionTribune.

PQ Group Opposes Density Increases By Elizabeth Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 9/21/06

"Tax Collector solicits opinions for bill's 'new look" - contains planning board report on Doubletree. By Elizabeth Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 6/15/06

"Cresta Bella plans to get overhaul" By Elizabeth Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 2/9/06

"Cresta Bella Proposals due Feb. 1" By Valerie Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 1/26/06

"Residents prefer Doubletree as it is, 3 meetings held in Peá³±uitos" By Shannon Snow, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, December 9, 2005

"DoubleTree update on council's agenda" By Valerie Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, November 30, 2005

"DoubleTree's neighbors want resort to remain" By Valerie Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, November 16, 2005

Doubletree neighbors like resort By Andrew Good, Pomerado News Group, October 20, 2005

S.D. planning panel gives OK to condo conversions By Shannon Snow, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, October 14, 2005.

Meeting attendees oppose development of golf resort By Shannon Snow, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, October 13, 2005

Neighbors of the Doubletree Hotel say they want the resort to stay By Adrienne A. Aguirre, North County Times Staff Writer, October 12, 2005

Doubletree Resort's future to be discussed By Andrea Moss, North County Times Staff Writer, October 11, 2005

Workshops aim to get consensus on resort By Shannon Snow, Union-Tribune Staff Writer, October 8, 2005

Workshops will outline plans in PQ By Andrew Good, Pomerado Newspaper Group, Corridor News 9/15/05

DoubleTree owners exploring new uses for property By Pat Kumpan, Pomerado Newspaper Group, Corridor News 7/27/05

Doubletree resort is gauging community response to plans By Booyeon Lee Union-Tribune Staff Writer July 23, 2005


SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink

"Powerlink project debate set for Sept. 6 in PQ" By Elizabeth Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 8/31/06.


Safety & Infrastructure Issue Headlines

Unsafe movements lead causes of local crashes By Elizabeth Marie Himchak, Pomerado News Group, 12/22/06

Heavy on calls, light on resources - Strapped San Diego Fire Department refused accreditation By Frank DeClercq, San Diego Union-Tribune 3/26/2006


Other Headlines & Opinions on Community Plans/Changes Citywide

Sudberry Properties Is Mining Public Opinion for Development Of Mission Valleyѵarry / Developer Promoting é´?of Villages튃oncept for New Project By Pat Broderick, San Diego Business Journal Staff 10/23/06.

Sustaining downtown's quality of life by Nico Calavito, Opinion published in San Diego Union-Tribune 3/28/06






Event Detail

1st Wednesday of the month

Rancho Peá³±uitos Planning Board (RPPB) Meetings at Doubletree Resort

7:30pm Regular Board Mtg.

Committee Mtgs. (check agenda for time/location; they may not meet every month)

Land Use (LUC)

Wireless Communications Facilities (WCFC)

* Agenda will be posted here when available or visit


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