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PQ-NE Action Group & Rancho Penasquitos ~

Redevelopment ~

Rancho Penasquitos is pretty much built out except for a few remaining infill lots. As the community ages, owners are beginning to evaluate redeveloping their properties. The PQ-NE Action Group wants you to be informed, understand the process and know what is going on within your community when it comes to redevelopment. To read the latest updates, click here. 


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Dear Neighbors,


Your PQ-NE Action Group has been busy, and we want to provide an update on our activities concerning the planned developments that will be impacting our neighborhood.

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Consultants: We have retained a legal firm, DeLano & DeLano, which has significant experience in land use issues that will prove useful in our efforts. The firm represents individuals, nonprofit groups and unincorporated associations – many who have faced a David and Goliath type of situation, as we are. They have the resources and skills to navigate the complex arena of laws and regulations, counseling clients and representing them before agencies and in state and federal court.


We also hired a fire and life safety consultant, J Charles Weber, who specializes in code compliance and interpretation, fire protection plans, defensible space planning and plan review services. Chuck is a retired Fire Marshal and Fire Prevention Officer, with academic credentials and certifications in Fire Protection.


Millennium PQ Project:  The Dinerstein Companies, a Houston based developer of multi-family communities, purchased the Karlan Hotel property in 2018. They closed down operations of the hotel in December of 2019, and plan to redevelop the site featuring a high-density apartment complex which they would plan to operate themselves. 


The hotel was constructed under a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) originally issued in 1980. The property is still technically zoned CV-1-1, which is intended to accommodate a mix of large-scale, visitor-serving uses and residential.


The new owners believe they can redevelop the property as high-density apartments (331 total) under “ministerial review,” which means they do not have to seek a zoning change, community plan change, nor, submit their plans to the San Diego Planning Board, nor the City Council for approval. They have requested permits for redevelopment of the hotel property, starting with the demolition of the existing buildings. DeLano & DeLano has sent the City of San Diego a Public Records Act Request on this project, on our behalf, as there are some issues that they feel “clearly deserve our attention.”  The goal of the PQ-NE Action Group is to ensure that any redevelopment of this property will not negatively-impact existing infrastructure, including fire evacuation safety.


The Junipers Project: The Draft Environmental Impact Review (DEIR) to consider national homebuilder Lennar Corporation’s plans to redevelop the golf course as a 536 dwelling unit, age 55+ community, was published by the city in February 2020, and public comments were due April 6.  The board members of the PQ-NE Action Group were deeply concerned by some of the findings of the DEIR and submitted dozens of questions to the city on behalf of our community. Thank you to everyone who submitted comments and questions on this DEIR as well.


J Charles Weber conducted a “peer review” of the two proposed fire safety/emergency evacuation plans proposed as part of The Junipers Environmental Impact Report.  He had many concerns for our safety in the event of a fire, which were also submitted to the City of San Diego as comments. You can review his full report by clicking this link: JUNIPERS FIRE PROTECTION PLAN PEER REVIEW.

In addition, DeLano and DeLano submitted comments to the DEIR on our behalf. They have concluded that the current DEIR should be rejected in its entirety. You can review the full version of this submittal by clicking this link: DELANO AND DELANO COMMENTS TO THE DRAFT EIR.


Based on the concerns of our legal team and fire expert, the PQ-NE Action Group is requesting that the City of San Diego revise the DEIR. We found it to be substantially insufficient on multiple counts; and, we are deeply concerned about fire safety and evacuation, among other issues. Additionally, we feel this development would be a blatant affront to the spirit of our community plan, as well as the character of Rancho Penasquitos as a predominantly “built out” community, with the golf course resort as a staple fixture of our community.

Please know that our group is not against development – but we will insist on smart development for our neighborhood, with safety for the existing community of paramount importance.

Please visit our website at to access additional information about the two development projects and our concerns. We will keep you posted about our ongoing efforts with the city and these developers.

We Need Your Help: As you can imagine, the efforts outlined above have already cost us thousands of dollars. Thank you for your support to date, which has allowed us to take this fight to the next level. The PQ-NE Action Group, a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit organization, hopes that our neighbors will continue to join us in supporting this effort as we move forward to ensure that our community is safe for us and future generations.
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The Board Members
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Note - We still have some SAFETY BEFORE DEVELOPMENT red t-shirt’s available if you’re interested in wearing one to upcoming Planning Board meetings to visually show your opposition to the Junipers Project - just email us with your name, address, contact info and size request. 


View our Area Projects page for more recent information on local development projects.



Stay Informed ~ 

  • Attend the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board (RPPB) meetings and voice your concerns during the public comments section. The meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Rancho Penasquitos Public Library located at 13330 Salmon River Rd., San Diego, 92129.

  • Contact City Council District 5 Representative, Mark Kersey (858) 673-5304
    or by e-mail at 

  • Get involved with the PQ-NE Action Group and volunteer to help us promote our mission.

  • Click here for email, mail & phone numbers for city staff.



The PQ Community Plan is a contract with this community and its residents. Tell our elected officials - "DON’T BREAK IT!"



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