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PQ-NE Action Group & Rancho Penasquitos ~

Redevelopment ~

Rancho Penasquitos is pretty much built out except for a few remaining infill lots. As the community ages, owners are beginning to evaluate redeveloping their properties. The PQ-NE Action Group wants you to be informed, understand the process and know what is going on within your community when it comes to redevelopment. To read the latest updates, click here. 


Find us on Facebook to get the most recent updates on ALL redevelopment projects in our northeastern neighborhoods (The Glens and The Villages) of Rancho Penasquitos.


6/3/2020 - PQ-NE Action Group will be holding a Virtual Community Town Hall Meeting on June 16, 2020.


Dear Neighbors,


The PQ-NE Action Group, as many of you know, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established with a mission to inform, promote and preserve a safe and livable environment for our local community. Our initial success story is the beautiful Cresta Bella apartment complex at the corner of Peñasquitos Drive and Carmel Mountain Road—our group worked with the City of San Diego and the developers to restructure it from 1,000+ apartments into a 368-unit, architecturally pleasing housing project that benefited everyone.


Today, there is significant redevelopment activity in our small, landlocked section of Rancho Peñasquitos, which will essentially double the number of housing units in our neighborhood (please see the updates below). This message is to keep you informed of current community concerns and actions. Also, to let you know that the PQ-NE Action Group is planning a Virtual Community Town Hall on June 16 at 6:00 PM that will provide up-to-date information, and a forum where you can ask questions. More information on this event is included at the end of this letter.


Our most recent efforts are focused on Millennium PQ—the redevelopment of the former Karlan Hotel into a high density, 331-unit apartment project with three- and five-story buildings. We all have witnessed the destruction of the hotel property to make room for these apartments. If the City of San Diego and the new owners (The Dinerstein Companies, based in Houston, TX) have their way, it will be ready for occupancy in about two years.


The key concern of our group, and our legal team, is not just the replacement of the existing hotel and community recreational concept, but the redevelopment process itself. We believe it has been fast-tracked by the City without due process, violating many state requirements, San Diego’s own municipal code, and, our Rancho Penasquitos Community Plan.


With the financial support of many of our community neighbors, the PQ-NE Action Group has retained a local land-use law firm. After their thorough evaluation of the facts surrounding the greenlighting of this project, we authorized our attorneys to file suit against the City of San Diego in Superior Court on May 11.

While we are not against redevelopment within our community, we can’t stand by silently when proposed plans risk the safety of our neighbors with regard to fire evacuations and daily traffic congestion caused by only one access and egress road, Penasquitos Drive. We are asking that plans be analyzed and reviewed so that growth can be intentional, with infrastructure improvements as necessary. Such planning and transparency has been entirely lacking with the Millennium PQ project, this developer’s first proposal in San Diego County.

To clarify our legal concerns, after reviewing our case, our land use attorneys have concluded that the City of San Diego Development Services Department is in gross violation of multiple laws. Here is a brief snapshot:

  • They are violating CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).

  • The legal documents governing zoning and development for this property are being ignored.

  • Violation of California Supreme Court rulings re: the authority of Community Plans.

  • But, what concerns us most is that the City has bypassed the proper analyses and reviews by experts for fire and traffic safety. Residents will recall that we had mandatory evacuations during both the 2003 and 2007 wildfires. For many, it took HOURS to get out of the neighborhood. Our community is land-locked, and the two-lane street leading to the I-15 is the only way in/out! Adding another 331 units of housing to our “built out” community will only make this fire safety problem significantly worse!

The City is preparing to permit a development our legal team believes is moving forward illegally, and one that will put our community members’ safety at significant risk. Therefore, we have gone to court—an expensive undertaking, but necessary.


What you can do to help?

  1. If you did not receive this email directly and would like to be added to our automatic distribution list, please sign up at

  2. On June 16 at 6 PM, we will hold a one-hour Virtual Community Town Hall to provide further details and answer any questions you may have. We invite you to participate in the meeting—simply send a message to asap with your name and email address to register. Then we will send you the login information (the meeting will be limited to 100 participants).

  3. The battle to protect our community is expensive. We appreciate your continued financial support to manage development in northeast Rancho Peñasquitos to maintain a community we are proud to call our own.

    Please give securely via PayPal or credit card at:

    Or send a check payable to: “PQ-NE Action Group” to

    14624 Wye Street, San Diego CA 92129

We very much appreciate your help in our community’s struggle against runaway development!



The Board Members
PQ-NE Action Group

For more information on PQ-NE Action Group's activities, please view our recent Newsletters.


Note - We still have some SAFETY BEFORE DEVELOPMENT red t-shirt’s available if you’re interested in wearing one to upcoming Planning Board meetings to visually show your opposition to the Junipers Project - just email us with your name, address, contact info and size request. 


View our Area Projects page for more recent information on local development projects.



Stay Informed ~ 

  • Attend the Rancho Penasquitos Planning Board (RPPB) meetings and voice your concerns during the public comments section. The meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Rancho Penasquitos Public Library located at 13330 Salmon River Rd., San Diego, 92129.

  • Contact City Council District 5 Representative, Mark Kersey (858) 673-5304
    or by e-mail at 

  • Get involved with the PQ-NE Action Group and volunteer to help us promote our mission.

  • Click here for email, mail & phone numbers for city staff.



The PQ Community Plan is a contract with this community and its residents. Tell our elected officials - "DON’T BREAK IT!"



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