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Rancho Peᳱuitos Community Plan on San Diego City website

Sienna's Playgarden - A Playground Project at Rolling Hills Park, more information

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PQ-NE Action Group & Rancho Peᳱuitos ~

Sign PQ-NE Action Group's SAFETY BEFORE DEVELOPMENT Petition - We, the undersigned, are opposed to the development of the former Doubletree Golf Course/Designated Open Space that reduces the public health and safety in the surrounding community, and contributes to what are already unsafe conditions. The adjacent community in northeast Rancho Peᳱuitos (also known as The Glens) of 1,500 + living units and an elementary school is surrounded by Black Mountain Open Space Park which includes landmark hillsides characterized by rugged terrain of highly flammable indigenous vegetation which has been designated by the city of San Diego as a ?High Fire Hazard Severity Zone." This area has a history of recent fires that have led to mandatory whole-community evacuations 䨲ee (3) in recent memory. The community is uniquely and minimally served by Peᳱuitos Drive, a single lane out of the neighborhood to evacuate all 1,214+ homes, 224 apartment units, 64 townhomes and the students and staff of Rolling Hills Elementary School, and one lane in for emergency responders/Fire Trucks and school buses needed to evacuate the school in the event of another wildland fire or similar emergency. The addition of the proposed 500+ homes, directly into the evacuation queue, would significantly reduce the performance of the only emergency evacuation route. Adding 500+ homes into a single route serving 1,500+ living units will greatly endanger the existing residents in the community and the students and staff at the elementary school. Please sign our petition and comment.


If you would like to sign a paper copy of the petition and/or gather additional signatures from your family, neighbors and friends, please download a copy here. Signed petitions should be returned to PQ-NE Action Group as soon as possible - please email to make arrangements.



View our Area Projects page for more recent information on local development projects.

The PQ-NE Action Group is committed to promoting and preserving a safe and livable environment for the residents of Rancho Peᳱuitos through efforts that educate residents on safety issues that impact the community.

Redevelopment ~

Rancho Peᳱuitos is pretty much built out except for a few remaining infill lots. As the community ages, owners are beginning to evaluate redeveloping their properties. The PQ-NE Action Group wants you to be informed, understand the process and know what is going on within your community when it comes to redevelopment. To read the latest update, click here. 

Stay Informed ~ 
  • Attend the Rancho Peᳱuitos Planning Board (RPPB) meetings and voice your concerns during the public comments section. The meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Hotel Karlan (Doubletree) at 14455 Peᳱuitos Drive, San Diego, 92129, (Room TBA).

  • Contact City Council District 5 Representative, Mark Kersey (858) 673-5304
    or by e-mail at 

  • Get involved with the PQ-NE Action Group and volunteer to help us promote our mission.

  • Click here for email, mail & phone numbers for city staff.



The PQ Community Plan is a contract with this community and its residents. Tell our elected officials - "DON’EAK IT!"



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Event Detail

1st Wednesday of the month

Rancho Peᳱuitos Planning Board (RPPB) Meetings at Doubletree Resort

7:30pm Regular Board Mtg.

Committee Mtgs. (check agenda for time/location; they may not meet every month)

Land Use (LUC)

Wireless Communications Facilities (WCFC)

* Agenda will be posted here when available or visit


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If you would like more information about the PQ-NE Action Group, please complete the contact form. Thank you.

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